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Why We Are Here

Why We Are Here

Several years ago, while perusing YouTube videos, articles and books on the concept of New Age and awakening, I noticed that there was very little inclusion of so called people of color. There were dozens if not hundreds of sites written and all seemed to be well laid out and quite informative.  But I did not see much representation from other perspectives, rather these sites seemed to completely ignore other spiritual influences and modalities from around the world.  It perplexed me that folks were talking about moving into the 5th dimension, traveling beyond physical borders, psychic phenomenon etc. even to the point of including ET’s but even the ET’s appeared with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Now this may sound like a bit of a rant, but it just struck me that their approach was not all inclusive, but rather exclusive and in many instances so expensive that the average person could not attend their many seminars and retreats and buy their online programs and books.

I also noticed that dreams and divination were sorely missing out of their programs.  When it came to psychics and the paranormal, there was little to glean from.  The focus was more on Ascended Masters, who in many cases hailed from re-invented Biblical figures, limiting the influence of these masters to just a few thousand years.  There was so much missing from the developing the spiritual being projects that I became disenchanted and stopped watching those videos and visiting their websites.

Then a friend asked me to come to Jamaica and teach an I Ching Workshop.  In a flash it all came together.  Healing through African Drumming, the African Dancing, dreams and divination would be, could be and is the perfect solution to this thing that perplexed me so. 

These healing art forms have been in existence for thousands and thousands of years and yet, they are severely missed in the Modern Day New Age movement.  I wondered why they were not included, and then I thought, maybe because no one has presented them in that way.  Maybe, they just think that African drumming is just for side street playing and at special Festivals; that African dancing is for parties, weddings and street competitions; and that dreams are for people who don’t have a life and that Divination is clearly not something that should be done in the daylight. 

So that is why we are here.  We want to be the first to bring all 4 modalities to one venue.  We want to open doors that have been closed and lift burdens that have been placed.  We want to enlighten, enhance, uplift, rejuvenate and educate anyone and everyone who comes to our retreats.  We want to let them know that these are healing art forms and much more than performance or the meanderings of an unstable mind. 

We also want to encourage all who attend our retreats to spread the healing they receive to their friends, family and associates, and of course we want them to come back and bring them to our retreat every single year.  We want them to understand that the “Awakening” is not exclusive of any nationality, race or creed, but is inclusive of all, and that there is a modality that can be just as amazing and as powerful as those that have been so often overused and in some instances, exploitative of the participants. 

We want to bring our retreat participants to the beautiful Island of Jamaica, and house them in the Source Farm EcoVillage where nature can also play a strong role in the “Awakening”.  We want to extend this invitation to all.  And particularly, we want to make sure that those so-called people of color get a chance to show the world just how healing African Drumming and dancing can be.  And we want to show them how important it is to pay attention to your dreams and how important it is to be proficient in a divination system whose soul purpose is to enhance each individual’s spiritual development.

And that, my friend, in a big nut shell, is why we are here.  We hope that you join us.  We hope that you come and ride the wave of healing, enlightenment and the deep spiritual awakening that is here for all.


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Facilitator: Angela "Sadio" Watson, Artistic Bio


Angela Sadio Watson, is the founder & artistic director of Camara Arts: Keeper of the tradition. Angela-Sadio is a community artist & 2019 Leeway Transformation Awardee, working with social justice and the performing arts to reclaim lost African heritage, empower youth through the arts, create space for expression and elevate consciousness.

The natural outgrowth, progression, and partnership with Tyehimba is part of a grass roots approach to building community. Working to create space for youth to express themselves utilizing African dance and drumming; centers African pride and legacy through historical teachings that empower youth, women, and elders.

Angela performed in Japan, Africa, Bolivia, St. Johns, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, throughout the US receiving a foundation in Guinea folklore through the protégé students of the legendary Papa Ladji Camara; with Papa Aziz Ahmed Abdulai & Dinese Bey.

Angela was a Fulbright Scholar from 1997-1998 in Guinea, West Africa researching the history while training with national dance companies and studying community/village dances throughout Guinea.

Angela Sadio has trained with other notable dance masters and troupes including: Mama Kadiatou Conte Forte, Mimo Camara, Sekouba Camara, Moustapha Bangoura, and dance companies (Wose, Balafon, KuluMele, Troupe Dada, Voices of Africa, to name a few).

Sadio is a published author in the Encyclopedia of Africa and the Americas on the history of African dance here in America.

Angela-Sadio is a CEC board member & a proud partner in the production that brought DanceAfrica Philadelphia 2013.

Ms. Watson holds numerous degrees recently completing a second Masters’ degree in Dance Research from Temple U. This year marks her 30th year celebration of study, teaching, & performing African dances.


For More Information:
Contact: Angela "Sadio" Watson

Facilitator: Anssumane Silla, Artistic Bio

Anssumane Silla Artistic Bio

An accomplished dancer and drummer, Anssumane began his performing career at the age of 11 in his native Guinea Bissau. He danced professionally for over 18 years with the National Ballet of Guinea Bissau. He was also a member of the contemporary dance troupe, Africa Estranha. Anssumane has entertained ambassadors, presidents and other international. His talent has led him to Mali, Senegal, The Gambia, South Africa and Libya. 

While working with African Estanha, Anssumane created performance pieces that address strife and suffering (including abuse of power and inequitable access to clear water and other vital resources) in Guinea Bissau, which has been torn apart by coups and political violence for decades. 

Since arriving in Philadelphia in 2008, Anssumane has toured numerous states, performing as a dancer and drummer with the Voices of Africa Drum Ensemble. He has been a featured artist for the Pennsylvania Humanities Council Humanities on the Road initiative, choreographer for the Kùlú Mèlé African Dance Ensemble, recipient of “Best in Philly” Dance Class, 2012 and two time awardee of the Folk Art PA grant. 

Anssumane choreographed the showcase production for ArtWell’s Gala 2015 where Director Spike Lee and Poet Laureate Sonia Sanchez were in attendance. He was a member of the 2015 Barrymore recommended play, Black Nativity by Langston Hughes, at Theater Horizons. 

In addition to teaching traditional (Bijagos, Balanta, Fula and Manjaco) and contemporary dance styles from Guinea Bissau, he teaches a range of other West African dance styles in studios and schools in various Philadelphia neighborhoods.

Ongoing Dances Classes

Guinea-Bissau, a small West African country with a little less than 2 million people, colonized by the Portuguese, it gained its independence in 1974. Its culture is rich with ethnic flavor, religion and traditional customs that include dance and drumming from the ethnic groups such as Bijagos, Balanta, Fula, and Manjaco.
Anssumane Silla, a native of Guinea-Bissau, is teaching traditional and contemporary dance styles from Guinea Bissau, he also teaches a range of other West African dance styles in studios and schools in various Philadelphia neighborhoods.

You've heard about the traditional drum and dance styles from West Africa, from Senegal, Mali, Nigeria and Ghana. Dance with the only dance instructor from Guinea-Bissau who has been doing it for over ten years. Currently he is conducting 3 dance classes each week. Join him today at Motherheart Studios.. 2359 East Susquehanna Ave, Philadelphia, PA 484-885-9081 5:00-6:00PM

Anssumane Silla, featured artist for our upcoming Jamaican retreat, July 12-18, 2020, conducts weekly dance classes at BalletX, 1923 Washington Ave, Phila., PA 19146.  

Anssumane Silla  646-415-4796 

Dance Class with the Classic Dancer Anssumane Silla from Guinea Bissau. Every Sunday. Studio 34, 4522 Baltimore Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19143 Phone: 646 415 4759 Email:

Anssumane Silla  646-415-4796  

An amazing, rewarding experience, with the only person teaching traditional African Dance from Guinea Bissau, right here in Philadelphia. Folks travel from all over to participate, and so can you! It happens every Sunday, same place, same time. Try to come a few minutes earlier so you can settle in. ALL ARE WELCOME, NO MATTER YOUR DANCING LEVEL, KNOWLEDGE OR PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE. Fee: $12 per class

Monday, October 21, 2019

Itinerary, July 12-18, 2020, Jamaica, West Indies

Ancient Path to Healing Retreat
July 12-18, 2020
St. Thomas, Jamaica, West Indies

ITINERARY (Bookmark this page as updates will be made periodically) 
Sunday:  Attendees arrive and check in.

Monday, July 13 through Thursday, July 16, 2020

Drum Call
Anssumane Silla
0600 - 0700

Sophia Sanchez
0915 - 1045
Drum  Workshop
Anssumane Silla
Dance Workshop
Anssumane Silla
Angela Watson
1230 - 1330
1400 - 1530
Dream Workshop
Nana Baakan
1545 - 1715
I Ching Workshop
Nana Baakan
After Dinner 
Drum Call
Anssumane Silla

FRIDAY: July 17, 2020 Free day for attendees with the option of site seeing at various locations.
Local Taxi to these locations can be arranged individually

Morant Bay

Golden Shore Hotel Beach  

Bath Fountain

Reach Falls

Frenchman Cove

Reggae Falls

Performers for the Friday performance will have the option of coming in on Thursday if they are not able to attend the entire retreat.

Friday/Performers Schedule TBA

TV Spot
Lecture Demo
Farewell Dinner and Dance

Saturday, July 18, 2020 Attendees depart the Island.


Sunday, October 20, 2019

Ancient Path To Healing, Jamaican Retreat July 12-18, 2020

Jamaica Sustainable Farm Enterprise, Source Farm Foundation & Ecovillage, St. Thomas  Jamaica    West Indies


Jamaican retreat
July 12-18, 2020
St. Thomas, Jamaica, West Indies

Join us for a spectacular experience in West African Healing Drum and Dance workshop intensives from Guinea/Guinea Bissau with International Performing Artists

Anssumane Silla

Angela "Sadio" Watson

You will be transported to the continent with an array of healing modalities implicit in the drumming and dancing styles of Guinea/Guinea Bissau.  Africans, since time immemorial have known that drumming and dancing and singing, generate healing and rejuvenation.   The dance styles from Guinea/Guinea Bissau tell the story with the lyrics, dance movements and drum patterns.  It is a community effort through a community gathering where everyone is invited to participate in bringing love, peace, harmony and integrity to all involved.  Dances span the spectrum of life from birth to death and all in between.  Through these workshops you will be transported to the traditional dance and drumming styles of Guinea/Guinea Bissau and you will experience an awakening like none other!

Nana Baakan Agyiriwah

Additionally, this retreat will take you into the metaphysical science of Dream Interpretation and Divination using the Ancient Oracle, the I Ching.  Dreams and I Ching Divination provide a conduit for healing the mind, body and spirit.  They unlock many doors to our wellspring of knowledge hidden within.  Nana Baakan will provide guidance for reaching and understanding those depths within in the Soul Essence of each participant.

This site will give you all the information you need to join us for this exclusive, exciting and healing event.  We will update with current information to help you plan your travel and enjoy your stay!


for more information contact

Nana Baakan Discusses Understanding the I Ching Playlist

Just added a new video.. Jeeeees, it took so much time to get it done. Working with really cool video software, but it was a trial and error venture.. I think I got it now.. at least I hope I do.
New video is called "Introduction to the I Ching, Good Hexagrams vs Bad Hexagrams, Lesson 7b". But check out the entire series if you are interested in getting more clarity about the I Ching, how it works and how to use it. Please leave your comments and questions as well. Thank you.


The I Ching (Yi Jing) is an amazing oracular system developed in Ancient China more than 5,000 years ago. It continues to have relevance up until this day. It was first developed by an intensely Spiritual Man by the name of Fu Shi who's ethnicity harkens back to according to some Africa in some reports... In fact, there is a strong correlation between the I Ching and the Ifa system of Nigeria, West Africa. For the complete list of these videos see:

The first Chinese emperor, the legendary Fu-Hsi (2953-2838 B.C.) was a woolly haired Black man. He is said to have originated the I Ching, or The Book of Change, which is the oldest most revered system of prophecy. It is known to have influenced the most distinguished philosophers of Chinese medicine and thought.

Fu Shi, having spent some time studying the markings on a tortoise shell was inspired to develop a system that would help humanity understand the every day changes as well as the celestial changes in the Universe. He started with just two lines, then three, called trigrams and develop these trigrams in reflections of the elements around him. wood, Earth, metal, water, fire. From there came the repeating cycles productive, destructive, controlling and dissolving. Of course as with all Ancient Texts, changes, editions and subtractions have been made, especially in translating it from the Ancient Mandarin.
All in all it comes to us, and from much experience it has given me, it shows to be one of the best systems around.
I have been using this system without fail for over 30 years. It has guided me through some trying and joyful times. It has given me a stronger ability to intuit and helped me to relinquish my dependence upon it. Over time, one becomes so in tune, that they can "forecast" the hexagrams that may come up in a reading, providing confirmation for each life situation that it is consulted on.
This a series of videos. And since I am about to throw my old cassette tapes out from the many classes I have held in the past, this will go for posterity's sake.

Please check the link below.
Read as many books as you can find on on the I Ching and use this oracle as your pocket guide to a more fruitful, spiritual and effective life.


Internet Links,_I-Ching_and_cosmology.htm,_I-Ching_and_cosmology.htm

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Understanding the I Ching, Life Path Reading, Lesson 8, Pt 1-4

Understanding the I Ching, Lesson 8

Life Path Reading, Part 1, 2, 3, & 4

Number Of Possible Outcomes:
64 Hexagrams X 1 = 64(No Changing Lines)
64 Hexagrams X 63 = 4,032(1  to 6 Changing Lines)
There are even more variations when you consider the subsequent questions that you may ask in order to gain "Deeper clarity." That would be something like 64 X 63 X 64 X 63=

This series of videos will be to explain in depth what a "Life Path Reading" is. It has been commonly termed by some as "Incarnation Objective."

A Life Path Reading is essentially one of the most important readings that can be done. It is similar to an astrology reading only I use the I Ching. It helps to determine what challenges, triumphs, skills, talents, and deficits an individual may have.
While some folks deeply believe in re-incarnation, my belief is that we have come here for a specific purpose and not necessarily to work out all that we didn't work out in the past incarnation, that we can barely remember, btw. Imagine going to school to take a test that you barely remember studying for?

I give full Life Path Readings upon request. 

You can refer to this reading, from the day you receive it until the day you are finished with this incarnation.

Please feel free to leave your comments, questions and concerns in the comment section under this video on my channel. For readings contact me: to set up an appointment.

Thank you for taking this journey with me into "Understanding the I Ching."


Let me add here, that there are still various cultural indicators surrounding the birth of a child that can still be seen in practice today.

Many of them have religious rituals and ceremonies attached to them and can be observed in the form of Naming Ceremonies, Christening, Confirmations, and even circumcision as a type of Rites of Passage, or entry of the child into the Physical world. Names are often given to represent a relative, saint (deity) or historical figure.

Again, without getting a Life Path reading then it is possible that the name does not depict the actual path of the child. On the other hand, when a reading is done, it can determine more succinctly the direction the soul is traveling and thus gives the individual a strong guage to measure his/her progress as they mature.


Life Path Reading Questions:
1. Dear Honorable Spirits of the I Ching, Please comment on the nature of this person's Life Path in this incarnation.
2 Please comment on this person's most immediate assets.
3. Please comment on this person's most immediate liabilities.
4. Please comment on this person's most immediate path towards peace.

I would really appreciate it if you would stop by this link and check out my reviews. I have an  online profile for Psychics and they send me clients based on my reviews.

What is a Life Path Reading?

What Is A Life Path Reading?

Life Path Readings can be the Most Important reading that you will ever receive. Like an Astrology Reading, it lays out ablueprint of your life and gives you keen insight into the true Purpose as to why your Soul incarnated at this point in the Cycle. This reading will outline your skills, talents, abilities, strengths and weaknesses. It will indicate what you have come here to learn and what you have come here to teach. It will pinpoint many of the challenges you have met along the way and give you keen insight into why they have occurred. It will give you tools for resolving old conflicts and give you advise on how to meet new ones.  It will give you guidance as it relates to career, family and relationships. 

It is a "birthday" reading which can be referenced at each birth day. And with each birthday that comes, a follow up reading can be done to see how you have done so far and set you ahead for "your coming new year." It's an  invaluable tool for reflection long term as a reference for when certain issues and concerns arise in your life. 

If you have children, It is especially helpful to have one done for each of them. What better way to prepare your child for his/her journey through life than to get a sneak preview of what their purpose is? How often have we as adults wondered "why am I here?" or "what have I come here for?"

For anyone who wants a Psychic Reading, I strongly suggest you get a "LIFE PATH READING" before all others because it will answer so many questions and bring light to whatever situation you may now be involved in.

Aunts Hold Newborn, India

NOTE: Like an Astrology reading, it is only done once. Over time it can be explored with follow-up questions.


I do spiritual counseling and I Ching (Yi Jing) readings that can be done via, Skype, Oovo, Google Hangout, Yahoo video chat, etc. After we determine which chat process we want to use, then we need to make sure we are in each others friends' list, so everything can go smoothly when we finally meet.

I ask folks to get me two questions before the reading. Then, I will do the consulting with the Oracle ahead of time, so as to save on the actual reading time. Typically, one question requires a series of inquiries that may take another 10 or 15 minutes to complete. 

Sometimes, I may have to contact you again to help restructure the question, so we can get the best answer. With the I Ching, the way you ask the question makes all the difference in the answer you receive.

After the reading is over, I will send you a copy of your reading via a download link for your reference in the future.

 Through our sessions together, we can develop a strong contingency plan that will bring your Journey in this Incarnation in alignment with your Life Path and Purpose.

Please note that I use the I Ching (Yi Jing) 5000 year old Oracle System from China. I have worked with clients from around the globe; some countries including Australia, Haiti, Spain, Germany, Ghana, Brazil, UK, Nigeria, France, Slovakia, Turkey, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Philippines, Korea, Indonesia, Senegal, Liberia, India, Namibia and all over the US.

Contact Nana Baakan

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018



Today what I will do is share a 2018 Yearly Focus Reading for you, my subscribers and anyone who visits my channel to watch this video.

While I typically prefer to do individual readings, it was suggested that I give some idea of what may be expected for the year we call 2018.

I make no claims to be able to Divine a forecast for 7.5 billion people on this planet, and certainly that many people will not be congregating on my channel. The I Ching is an Oracle system that is for personal and character development.  There are so many circumstances surrounding the lives of each and every Soul on this planet that to give one reading for all of them would certainly be an arduous task to say the least.  Who can do that? And anyone who is making that claim, may not realize that they are merely focusing on what is most near at hand, that is their local community, but certainly not an all inclusive reading that would cover the entire world and its population. 

There are individuals who have folks who gather around them, and surely they can focus in an overall way for them.  But as far the way the I Ching works, it would be most effective to get individual readings.

So, if you would still like to get an individual reading, please contact me,

In the meantime, I will share with you what I did come up with.
Hopefully, you will be guided to this video and the contents of this reading will speak to your heart and Soul.

For all those folks who think divination is demonic, would you please just move along, as this video is definitely not for you and telling me how I am playing around with demons and satan, back by Biblical verses, will not deter me or make me stop.  I have been using the I Ching oracle for a very very long time, and it has not guided me or anyone that I have worked with in the wrong direction.  Be kind, turn this video off and go watch something that you do agree with.

For those who get something out of this reading, feel free to leave your comments below.

Thanks so much for watching, many blessings to you, your family and loved ones during this year, that we call 2018.

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