About Nana Baakan Agyiriwah, Founder

Nana Baakan Agyiriwah

Nana Akosua Baakan Agyiriwah

I have been extensively involved in my own spiritual development for over 30 years. I have also assisted in the spiritual and mental development of a number of clients as part of the work that I do. Anything that I may teach has been applied to my personal life with great results. I am an ordained minister as well as an initiated Priestess of the Akan Spiritual Tradition of Ghana West Africa.

I began my journey when I was born into this incarnation and have done much study in spirituality through my journey through Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, the Tao and various African Traditions, i.e., Yoruba, Voodoo, Kemetic and Akan. I am presently giving workshops/discussion called. "Entering the Mystic Realms" where we discuss Dream Interpretations and Metaphysics.

I am a Mental Health Professional, an Educator, Entrepreneur and Healer. My varied travels and studies through: Education, Spirituality, Health & Wellness has allowed me to be able access and be accessible to people from a variety of backgrounds and persuasions. As a business owner I have acquired various skills in Business  Management, Marketing and Information Systems related to the business.

I am a performing artist, Managing Director/Founder of The "Voices Of Africa" Choral & Percussion Ensemble. As a performing artists, I have acquired skills in the West African Arts, Cultural and Traditional/Non-Traditional Music. I have used my skills as a Seamstress/Tailor to outfit the Entire Ensemble.

There are many facets to who I am on this plane, in short, I consider myself a Metaphysician.

I wish to facilitate the expansion of each person's awareness, allowing their own soul inclinations to come forth and answer some questions for them that may be puzzling to them. The path towards Spiritual Consciousness and Awareness is full of many turns, ups and downs. So I am there to comfort them and bring as much understanding as I can to them with the help of the Most High.

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