Why We Are Here

Why We Are Here

Several years ago, while perusing YouTube videos, articles and books on the concept of New Age and awakening, I noticed that there was very little inclusion of so called people of color. There were dozens if not hundreds of sites written and all seemed to be well laid out and quite informative.  But I did not see much representation from other perspectives, rather these sites seemed to completely ignore other spiritual influences and modalities from around the world.  It perplexed me that folks were talking about moving into the 5th dimension, traveling beyond physical borders, psychic phenomenon etc. even to the point of including ET’s but even the ET’s appeared with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Now this may sound like a bit of a rant, but it just struck me that their approach was not all inclusive, but rather exclusive and in many instances so expensive that the average person could not attend their many seminars and retreats and buy their online programs and books.

I also noticed that dreams and divination were sorely missing out of their programs.  When it came to psychics and the paranormal, there was little to glean from.  The focus was more on Ascended Masters, who in many cases hailed from re-invented Biblical figures, limiting the influence of these masters to just a few thousand years.  There was so much missing from the developing the spiritual being projects that I became disenchanted and stopped watching those videos and visiting their websites.

Then a friend asked me to come to Jamaica and teach an I Ching Workshop.  In a flash it all came together.  Healing through African Drumming, the African Dancing, dreams and divination would be, could be and is the perfect solution to this thing that perplexed me so. 

These healing art forms have been in existence for thousands and thousands of years and yet, they are severely missed in the Modern Day New Age movement.  I wondered why they were not included, and then I thought, maybe because no one has presented them in that way.  Maybe, they just think that African drumming is just for side street playing and at special Festivals; that African dancing is for parties, weddings and street competitions; and that dreams are for people who don’t have a life and that Divination is clearly not something that should be done in the daylight. 

So that is why we are here.  We want to be the first to bring all 4 modalities to one venue.  We want to open doors that have been closed and lift burdens that have been placed.  We want to enlighten, enhance, uplift, rejuvenate and educate anyone and everyone who comes to our retreats.  We want to let them know that these are healing art forms and much more than performance or the meanderings of an unstable mind. 

We also want to encourage all who attend our retreats to spread the healing they receive to their friends, family and associates, and of course we want them to come back and bring them to our retreat every single year.  We want them to understand that the “Awakening” is not exclusive of any nationality, race or creed, but is inclusive of all, and that there is a modality that can be just as amazing and as powerful as those that have been so often overused and in some instances, exploitative of the participants. 

We want to bring our retreat participants to the beautiful Island of Jamaica, and house them in the Source Farm EcoVillage where nature can also play a strong role in the “Awakening”.  We want to extend this invitation to all.  And particularly, we want to make sure that those so-called people of color get a chance to show the world just how healing African Drumming and dancing can be.  And we want to show them how important it is to pay attention to your dreams and how important it is to be proficient in a divination system whose soul purpose is to enhance each individual’s spiritual development.

And that, my friend, in a big nut shell, is why we are here.  We hope that you join us.  We hope that you come and ride the wave of healing, enlightenment and the deep spiritual awakening that is here for all.


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