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Today what I will do is share a 2018 Yearly Focus Reading for you, my subscribers and anyone who visits my channel to watch this video.

While I typically prefer to do individual readings, it was suggested that I give some idea of what may be expected for the year we call 2018.

I make no claims to be able to Divine a forecast for 7.5 billion people on this planet, and certainly that many people will not be congregating on my channel. The I Ching is an Oracle system that is for personal and character development.  There are so many circumstances surrounding the lives of each and every Soul on this planet that to give one reading for all of them would certainly be an arduous task to say the least.  Who can do that? And anyone who is making that claim, may not realize that they are merely focusing on what is most near at hand, that is their local community, but certainly not an all inclusive reading that would cover the entire world and its population. 

There are individuals who have folks who gather around them, and surely they can focus in an overall way for them.  But as far the way the I Ching works, it would be most effective to get individual readings.

So, if you would still like to get an individual reading, please contact me,

In the meantime, I will share with you what I did come up with.
Hopefully, you will be guided to this video and the contents of this reading will speak to your heart and Soul.

For all those folks who think divination is demonic, would you please just move along, as this video is definitely not for you and telling me how I am playing around with demons and satan, back by Biblical verses, will not deter me or make me stop.  I have been using the I Ching oracle for a very very long time, and it has not guided me or anyone that I have worked with in the wrong direction.  Be kind, turn this video off and go watch something that you do agree with.

For those who get something out of this reading, feel free to leave your comments below.

Thanks so much for watching, many blessings to you, your family and loved ones during this year, that we call 2018.

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