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Understanding the I Ching, Life Path Reading, Lesson 8, Pt 1-4

Understanding the I Ching, Lesson 8

Life Path Reading, Part 1, 2, 3, & 4

Number Of Possible Outcomes:
64 Hexagrams X 1 = 64(No Changing Lines)
64 Hexagrams X 63 = 4,032(1  to 6 Changing Lines)
There are even more variations when you consider the subsequent questions that you may ask in order to gain "Deeper clarity." That would be something like 64 X 63 X 64 X 63=

This series of videos will be to explain in depth what a "Life Path Reading" is. It has been commonly termed by some as "Incarnation Objective."

A Life Path Reading is essentially one of the most important readings that can be done. It is similar to an astrology reading only I use the I Ching. It helps to determine what challenges, triumphs, skills, talents, and deficits an individual may have.
While some folks deeply believe in re-incarnation, my belief is that we have come here for a specific purpose and not necessarily to work out all that we didn't work out in the past incarnation, that we can barely remember, btw. Imagine going to school to take a test that you barely remember studying for?

I give full Life Path Readings upon request. 

You can refer to this reading, from the day you receive it until the day you are finished with this incarnation.

Please feel free to leave your comments, questions and concerns in the comment section under this video on my channel. For readings contact me: to set up an appointment.

Thank you for taking this journey with me into "Understanding the I Ching."


Let me add here, that there are still various cultural indicators surrounding the birth of a child that can still be seen in practice today.

Many of them have religious rituals and ceremonies attached to them and can be observed in the form of Naming Ceremonies, Christening, Confirmations, and even circumcision as a type of Rites of Passage, or entry of the child into the Physical world. Names are often given to represent a relative, saint (deity) or historical figure.

Again, without getting a Life Path reading then it is possible that the name does not depict the actual path of the child. On the other hand, when a reading is done, it can determine more succinctly the direction the soul is traveling and thus gives the individual a strong guage to measure his/her progress as they mature.


Life Path Reading Questions:
1. Dear Honorable Spirits of the I Ching, Please comment on the nature of this person's Life Path in this incarnation.
2 Please comment on this person's most immediate assets.
3. Please comment on this person's most immediate liabilities.
4. Please comment on this person's most immediate path towards peace.

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